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The Tri-County Tropical Fish Society (TCTFS) promotes the tropical fish hobby through education and active involvement.  Every month we have an educational program on something related to tropical fish.  Some examples of programs that we have had at our club would be “Anabantoids, Fish that can drown” by Mike Hellweg and “Aquarium Plants for Those with a Black Thumb” by Scott Davis.  These guys are experts in the field of tropical fish keeping and the programs they gave were awesome!  Plus there is time after the program to talk to our speakers one on one with any questions you may have.
Our Member meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at Immanuel Lutheran Church 4911 N Knoxville Ave. Peoria, IL.   Often we go out afterwards to talk fish and socialize.  It’s always a lot of fun!
Members receive Fish Tales, our monthly newsletter that covers what is happening in the club,  a list of upcoming fish related events such as nearby swaps and auctions, and interesting articles.
TCTFS has auctions twice a year that members put on, and an annual fish show at Northwoods Mall.  We often have mini auctions at our member’s meetings.  TCTFS members have a lot of knowledge and experience in fish keeping and breeding and are more than willing to share their knowledge with new members.  Often we car pool to go to swaps and auctions in Champaign, Chicago, etc. We would love for you to visit our group sometime!
We’ll have you hooked!

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