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Peoria, Illinois



WEDNESDAY April 12, 2017


7:00 P.M. AT THE IMMANUAL Lutheran Church

                                                                526 East Washington Street, East Peoria



In search of amphibians, reptiles, and fishes in montane forests and high elevational grasslands in Peru.

Presented By

Dr. habil. Edgar Lehr

Associate Professor of Biology

Illinois Wesleyan University

Department of Biology

Dr. Lehr has done Research in Peru for 20 years in his presentation; He will introduce the different ecoregions of Peru and talk about recent fieldwork within a remote protected area where no biologist has gone before. He will show newly discovered species of amphibians and reptiles. In the second part he explains the process of naming species. Towards the end, he will show photos of fishes that he took in Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Bowl Show

Open any Egglayer or Liverbrearer


Please use the  Bowl show rules that are available by following the link below. until the 2017 rules are printed (hint the rules are the same)

Click here for a map

Click here for the 2016 Bowl show rules

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