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For SELLER number and auction sheets, please call Sue Atwell at 309-697-6149 or e-mail her at
The following rules have been set forth by the Board of Governors of Tri-County Tropical Fish Society for our auction. Your compliance will make the auction run a lot smoother for everyone. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
1. Each seller will be given a form on which to list his/her auction lots. Please list the fish or article to be sold in the space provided. A number will be assigned to each seller and the auction lots are to be numbered consecutively. The corresponding number is to be placed on the auction lot with waterproof marker. Bidder numbers will be assigned at registration. Please use only one side of the sheet.
2. Auction lots must be checked in by a member of the Auction Committee. Items may not be placed on the tables until they have been checked in.
3. The auction will use the ten table method:
a.) All lots numbered 1, 11, 21, 31, and so forth will be placed on table 1 and that table will be sold first.
b.) All lots numbered 2, 12, 22, 32, and so forth will be placed on table 2 and that will be the second table to be sold.
c.) This system will continue for all tables ( 3 – 10 ).
d.) You may have an item bought up at any time, regardless of the table number. Simply ask one of the runners and pay a $1.00 fee. The item will be brought up within 10 minutes.
4. Each item must be labeled with the following:
a.) A complete description.
b.) Bags of fish must state quantity in bag and if it’s a pair, trio, etc.
c.) Seller’s name and phone number.
d.) Auction lot number in waterproof marker.
5. Only five (5) of one (1) kind of item will be allowed per seller. Example 5 pieces of driftwood, 5 silver Angels, 5 Black Angels etc.
6. No broken, inoperable or incomplete items will be accepted for sale. Tri-County Tropical Fish Society however will not be held liable for any deviations from this rule and there is no warranty implied by Tri-County Tropical Fish Society.
7. Proper bagging of fish is a must. Double bagging is highly recommended. Any improperly bagged fish will not be allowed in the auction. If leaky bags are found during the auction there will be a $1.00 charge for rebagging. RECOMMENDED PROPORTION: 1/3 WATER AND 2/3 AIR.
8. Auction split will be 75% to the seller 25% to Tri-County Tropical Fish Society. Items that sell for $1.00 or less and those items that don’t bring a bid will become club donations. All items that are intended to be a donation to the club should be labeled as donation at the time of check in.
9. No minimum bids will be allowed.
10. All sales are final.
11. Disbursements will be made as soon as possible. However no disbursements will be made the day of the auction.
12. All payment is expected before you leave or at the end of the auction. No exceptions.
13. Registration starts at 9:00 am. Preview will begin at 9:30 am. The auction starts at 10:30 am. It would be helpful if you could have your lots checked in by 10:00 am.
14. Package or bag your auction lots in the manner in which you would like to buy them. This not only leaves a better impression but items sell for more.
For SELLER number and auction sheets, please call Sue Atwell at 309-697-6149 or e-mail her at You may get your BUYER number at registration.

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