50th Annual Tropical Fish Show

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Our 50th Annual tropical Fish Show was held August 31 and September 1 2020 at Northwoods Mall.

Please follow this link for Photo’s Photo’s from our 50th-annual-show



50th Annual Tropical Fish Show Results



1st Place Laura Thompson

2nd Place Kim Davis



1st Place Mike and Michelle Crouch “Platies”                       Livebearer

2nd Place Jennifer Halleen “Endlers”                                      1st Place Jennifer Halleen “Butterfly Goodiea”

3rd Place Jennifer Halleen “Butterfly Goodiea”                     2nd Place Sue Arwell “Swordtail”


Male Betta Splendens                                                             Novelty

1st Place Sue Atwell                                                                1st Place Sue Atwell “Your Future is Looking Rosy”

2nd Place Jennifer Halleen                                                      2nd Place Laura Thompson “Sword In The Stone”

3rd Place Laura Thompson                                                      3rd Place Laura Thompson “Let There Be Light”


Female Betta Splendens                                                         Best Fish in Show

1st Place Jennifer Halleen                                                       Jennifer Halleen “Butterfly Goodiea”

2nd Place Jennifer Halleen

3rd Place Laura Asley                                                              Best tank in Show

Laura Thompson “Cherry Barb”

Corydoras Type

1st Place Laura Thompson “Habrosas”                                   Chuck Glaczenski Memorial Award

2nd Place Brian Christensen “Aeneus”                                   Aquascape Tank Laura Thompson

3rd Place  Laura Thompson “Habrosas”

    People Choice Award

Cichlid                                                                                    Aquascape Tank Laura Thompson

1st Place Mike and Michelle Crouch “Koi Angle”

2nd Place Roger Halleen “Red Devil”

3rd Mike and Michelle “Silver Pearlscale”


1st Place Laura Thompson “Cherry Barb”

2nd Place Laura Thompson “harlequin rasbora”

3rd Place Brin Christensen “Penguin Tetra”


Catfish Sharks Loaches Botia

1st Place Roger Halleen “Poka dot Cat”

2nd Place Jennifer Halleen “Bristlenose Pleco”                                  A Big Thank You To

3rd Place Kim Davis “Lemon drop Long fined Pleco”                       Karrie and Phil Nixion for their

Outstanding work as Judges.

Male Guppy

1st Place Brian Christensen

2nd Place KimDavis


Female Guppy

1st Place Laura Thompson

2nd Place Brian Christensen


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